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SHAN – Water Bill (SWB)
This is the first product of SHAN GLOBE. This product is produced to meet the customer billing and revenue management of the Water Supply Utility in Afghanistan. This system is able to store customer data, produce bills and produce a wide range of commercial reports for utility’s decision making purposes.

SHAN – University Management Information System (SUMIS)
SUMIS is a product specifically designed to meet the needs of Universities and Educational Institutions. This system will enable the management of the Academic Institutions to manage its daily affairs and make prompt decisions

SHAN – Medical Lab Management Information System (SMLMIS)

This is another product of SHAN produced specifically for use in the Laboratories for managing information of medical tests and examinations. This will be used to manage Medical Laboratories and decision making purposes.

Also SHAN GLOBE provides in-house solutions for facilitating your business