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Project list


1 Business Plan Kabul Seven Stars Media Group Completed
2 Project proposal for Farhichta Group Kabul Farhichta Group Completed
3 Project proposal for PVO Kabul PVO Completed
4 Project proposal for ODDW Kabul ODDW Completed
5 Customer Management Database Kabul Kabul Water Supply/GTZ Completed
6 University - MIS Kabul Kardan University Completed
7 University - MIS Kabul Noor University Completed
8 M&E for PVO Kabul PVO Completed
9 Creation of database for ARTF/MoF Kabul ARTF/MoF Completed
10 Follow-up of ARTF database Kabul ARTF Completed
11 HPRO Auditing of Financial Affairs and Management Advisory for Improving Financial System Kabul HPRO Completed
12 Operational Audit and Informational System Development Kabul CCD Completed