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SHAN GLOBE has a deep understanding of the Afghan public and private sector capacity and observes a big gap that is negatively affecting the capacity of service provision to the population in general. Considering this constraint and weakness SHAN GLOBE has targeted this challenge and innovated to provide a wide range of service and products that can assist both public and private sector in reforming, institutional building, and development of systems, ICT solutions and other consultancy services that enables them in provision of effective and efficient service delivery. Following are the four key areas in which SHAN GLOBE has a perfect speciality.

Training and Capacity Building

We provide a wide range of specialised trainings in areas of:

Information Technology
SHAN GLOBE with having expertise on all development and practicalities of IT offers training on following subjects:

• Basic and Advanced Use of Microsoft Office
• Database (MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle)

General Business Administration
• Policy and Strategy Development
• Accounting and Finance
• Auditing
• Human Resources Management
• Business Communication
• Business Planning

Water/Electricity Utility Management
1. Operations and Maintenance
2. Utility Strategic Management
3. Business Planning
4. Commercial Management
5. Financial Management
6. Store Management

SHAN GLOBE with having experts previously serving in various national and international organisations in relation to the producing ICT solutions. SHAN GLOBE has produced following products that can meet demands of Academic Institutions, Water Utility Commercial Management and Medical Laboratory and Inventory Management. Following are the main products produced and will soon be made available to the market:

SHAN – Water Bill (SWB)
This is the first product of SHAN GLOBE. This product is produced to meet the customer billing and revenue management of the Water Supply Utility in Afghanistan. This system is able to store customer data, produce bills and produce a wide range of commercial reports for utility’s decision making purposes.

SHAN – University Management Information System (SUMIS)
SUMIS is a product specifically designed to meet the needs of Universities and Educational Institutions. This system will enable the management of the Academic Institutions to manage its daily affairs and make prompt decisions

SHAN – Medical Lab Management Information System (SMLMIS)
This is another product of SHAN produced specifically for use in the Laboratories for managing information of medical tests and examinations. This will be used to manage Medical Laboratories and decision making purposes.

Beside the above products SHAN also provides in-house ICT solutions such as desktop database applications, web applications, security cameras, security access cards etc.

Research and Development
Research and Development is another important scope of work of SHAN. SHAN has a wide range of expertise having experience in conducting national wide surveys, feasibility studies, research, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

SHAN can flexibly provide above mentioned services of survey, research, monitoring and evaluation services considering that SHAN has strong understanding of economical, socio-cultural and political aspects of the Afghan society.

SHAN’s priority is not to consider margin rather focuses on making difference and providing quality work. Since SHAN is a newly established firm it has not any relevant project implemented but its experts has a wide range of years of practical experience in the aforementioned areas.

Business Development Solutions
SHAN GLOBE has experts that have national and international experience in the following areas:

• Development of Policy and Strategy
• Development of Business Planning
• Project Management
• Institutional Building and Reform
• Management Consulting
• Accounting Services
• Tax Advisory Services
• Auditing of NGOs and Profit Companies.

We are committed and intend to strengthen and facilitate your businesses and organisation with providing above services. SHAN experts have been providing same services individual for years in an ad-hoc manner.